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2018 Haiku By World Children- "Impressions of Living Things" Vol.15 will be published in November 2018. (2018.11.1)     
The 15th (2017-2018) World Children's Haiku Contest (Contest) Results (2018.4)  

Our Project

JAL FOUNDATION invites college students from across Asia and Oceania to Japan every year and provides them opportunities for workshops and cultural interchange. Through these activities, they are expected to enhance understanding beyond national borders. The program also aims to develop young men and women who will assure future leadership roles in the region.
JAL FOUNDATION aims to provide world children a chance to know the joy of making haiku though this program. They are expected not only to cultivate and develop their sensibilities but also to enhance mutual understanding and exchanges through learning Japanese culture and modern Japan. JAL Foundation hosts “World Children’s Haiku Contest” every other year. The top-prized haiku and other prize-winning haiku submitted from overseas are published in a book “Haiku by World Children. JAL Foundation also supports various haiku contests.
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This is an activity to monitor global warming by commercial airliner and is called CONTRAIL (Comprehensive Observation Network for Trace gases by AIrLiner) Project. The National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan plays a leading role in this project. In cooperation with other related institutions and organizations, we work together to collect and provide data for the purpose of revealing atmospheric mechanism that bring about global warming. Now, the global environment observation promotion committee is organized and JAL Foundation works as its secretariat.
JAL FOUNDATION conducts study program for junior high students as part of the events celebrating Aviation Day (September 20th). This program aims to enhance their understanding of aviation and airports and broaden their outlook on the future. Other than that, JAL Foundation has been hosting Study Program for Overseas Students and Japanese Students, as well as Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens.
Supporting KIDS ISO14000 Program, lectures and interviews in the past, etc.

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Vol.15 "Impressions of Living Things" 
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