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The 15th World Children's Haiku Contest 'Living Things' (in Croatia) Comments
第15回 世界こどもハイクコンテスト「いきもの」 クロアチア大会 講評

It has been very encouraging to find the children's works so refreshingly creative again, and in many cases also quite unusual and original. Times are changing fast, and it appears that children are turning into ever more keen observers of nature, down to minute detail. One could say that this world is becoming ever more haiku-inclined! In the winning works, such qualities of profound children's observation of nature are shown to a great degree. The drawings and the haiku are well integrated and function as a unified expression, as well as being quite independent as individual works of art. This is not easy to achieve, and the mentors have clearly worked hard and have managed well to teach their pupils the very essence of a haiku poem.


※ 2018年11月に、世界中の優秀作品より選ばれた俳句と絵を収 めた『地球歳時記第15巻"いきもののうた"』を出版予定です。
"Haiku by World Children Vol.15 – Impressions of Living Things" will be published in November 2018, containing the best selections from the winning haiku in the world. Each haiku will appear with both English and Japanese translations and the artwork.