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The 15th World Children's Haiku Contest 'Living Things' (in Philippines) Results
第15回 世界こどもハイクコンテスト「いきもの」 フィリピン大会 結果


  アイコン  JAL Grand Prize Winner (4)   大賞作品(4句)
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  • Rosas Na Pula
    Kagandahan ang Dala
    Paarang Dalaga
    Red roses
    Brings beauty
    Just like the lady
    Altair I. Albarado
    Female Age 12 (Philippines)
    女子 12歳 (フィリピン)
  • Here little legs walk Your cocoon almost done Let me see your wings
    Mary Jane Bolata
    Female Age 14 (Philippines)
    女子 14歳 (フィリピン)
  • A cold lightless night
    The trees whispering softly
    Dancing gracefully
    Gabriel G. De Ungria
    Male Age 13 (Philippines)
    男子 13歳 (フィリピン)
  • A beautiful Day
    And colorful butterfly
    And frog ate it
    Allen Nicj Sahador
    Male Age 14 (Philippines)
    男子 14歳 (フィリピン)
  • アイコン JAL Prize winner (20) 入賞作品 (20句)
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  • At the dark forest
    I listened to the loud chirps
    Of tiny beings
    Nikki Moira Cadion
    Female Age 14 (Philippines)
    女子 14歳 (フィリピン)
  • Munting Pagong
    Hind Makaangat
    Dahas ng pangaalipusta
    A little turtle
    That cannot go along
    Criticize by words
    Jayson D. Villareal
    Male Age 14 (Philippines)
    男子 14歳 (フィリピン)
  • Protect and love me
    Cause you won't leave without mee
    Yes, I am a tree
    Yshin Nicole V. Estrada
    Female Age 14 (Philippines)
    女子 14歳 (フィリピン)
  • Crawling everywhere
    Searching food to be eaten
    Then the rain pours down
    Cristine C. Gura
    Female Age 14 (Philippines)
    女子 14歳 (フィリピン)
  • Ba't nakapila
    Tila may kalamidad
    Linya ng langgam
    Why are they on que
    Looks like there's calamity
    Line of ants
    Kristina A. Edanel
    Female Age 10 (Philippines)
    女子 10歳 (フィリピン)
  • Saan nanggaling
    Mga matay'y di pa dilat
    Kuting Katiting
    Where have you been
    My eyes half open
    Kittens looks tiny
    Lee Moroecai D.C. Tribujenia
    Male Age 10 (Philippines)
    男子 10歳 (フィリピン)
  • Papalag-palag
    Isdang kinaliskisan
    Mais mabuhay
    Wiggling to be free
    Scaling the Fish
    Wish to be alive
    Zoe Myrtle D.C> Tibujenia
    Female Age 12 (Philippines)
    女子 12歳 (フィリピン)
  • Cute little red ant
    Crawling into my big hand
    Ouch! The ant bit me
    Samantha Joy WANG
    Female Age 13 (Philippines)
    女子 13歳 (フィリピン)
  • Binhing Mumunti
    Ibinaong Mabuti
    Ginto'y Inani
    Tiny little seedling
    Planted deeply
    Gold you harvest
    Paul Christina R. Perez
    Male Age 14 (Philippines)
    男子 14歳 (フィリピン)
  • Ibong Malaya
    Ganday nakakahanga
    Sa Langit Lupa
    Free as a Bird
    Adorable beauty
    On the sky and on land
    Jerone Aaron D. Patingan
    Male Age 12 (Philippines)
    男子 12歳 (フィリピン)
  • Potosintesis
    Ang dahilan ng buhay
    Tingkad ng kulay
    The emergence of life
    Very bright colors
    Adrian Jade G. Fbian
    Male Age 11 (Philippines)
    男子 11歳 (フィリピン)
  • Amoy sa damo
    Matapos na tigpasin
    Presko't masamyo
    Scent of the grass
    After mowing them
    Fresh and fragrant
    Princess Mikylle M. Lucenesio
    Female Age 10 (Philippines)
    女子 10歳 (フィリピン)
  • Simbayotiko
    Tao, hayop, halaman
    Humans, animals and plants
    They live together
    Princess Kirtchie M. De Leon
    Female Age 11 (Philippines)
    女子 11歳 (フィリピン)
  • Uusad-usad
    Sa sanga ng Balubad
    Ang katerpilar
    Moving slowly
    On the cashew tree trunk
    The caterpillar
    Jharell James M. Sederia
    Male Age 12 (Philippines)
    男子 11歳 (フィリピン)
  • Nakaaawa
    Ang palakang hiniwa
    Dahil sa Agham
    How pitiful
    The sliced toad
    Because of science
    Marjan D. Soriano
    Female Age 12 (Philippines)
    女子 12歳 (フィリピン)
  • Dekompositor
    Taguri'y Organismo
    Uod, Insekto

    What you call organism
    Maggot and insects
    Jemma Keziah V. Banzil
    Female Age 12 (Philippines)
    女子 12歳 (フィリピン)
  • Nagbibigay buhay
    Kahit Nasa Akwaryum
    Gintuang Isda

    Something that gives life
    Even inside the aquarium
    The golden fish
    Ameer S. Araita
    Male Age 13 (Philippines)
    男子 13歳 (フィリピン)
  • Rosas na ito
    Kahapo'y pulang-pula
    Ngayo'y tuyo't na

    These Roses
    Yesterday's blossoming red
    Now it is dry
    Stephanie Tricia G. Viernes
    Female Age 11 (Philippines)
    女子 11歳 (フィリピン)
  • Hingang Malalim
    Puso kong tumitibok
    sa istetoskop
    Take a breath deeply
    The beating of my heart
    On the stethoscope
    Ira Juliene T. Cereza
    Female Age 12 (Philippines)
    女子 12歳 (フィリピン)
  • Mayrong umusbong na kung anong Kabute sa Basang kahoy
    Something is growing Some kind of a mushroom On the moist woodland
    Christian David V. Laguatan
    Male Age 11 (Philippines)
    男子 11歳 (フィリピン)

※ 2018年11月に、世界中の優秀作品より選ばれた俳句と絵を収 めた『地球歳時記第15巻"いきもののうた"』を出版予定です。
"Haiku by World Children Vol.15 – Impressions of Living Things" will be published in November 2018, containing the best selections from the winning haiku in the world. Each haiku will appear with both English and Japanese translations and the artwork.