JAL Scholarship Japanese Research Program

This program is aimed at university students studying Japanese in the countries/regions of Asia and Oceania. The program provides an opportunity for students to improve their language skills by actually speaking Japanese in Japan, and by engaging in exchanges with Japanese people. Additionally, it is hoped that the participants will deepen their understanding of Japanese society and people via their experiences during the program. This program aims to plant the seeds for the participants to act as intermediaries between their own countries and Japan in the future.

2010 Program

Duration: November14-November21,2010 (8days)

2010 JAL Scholarship Japan Research Program Report [PDF:27.3MB]

A total of 13 university students from the countries of Australia (1), China (3), Korea (2), Malaysia (1), New Zealand (1), Singapore (1), Taiwan (1), Thailand (1), Vietnam (2) participated in the 2010 JAL Scholarship Japan Research Program.

2010 JAL Scholarship Japan Research Program Schedule

11/14 Sun Arrival
11/15 Mon Nara Program (1) Orientation Lecture & World Heritage tour
11/16 Tue Nara Program (1) Japanese Culture Experience Fieldwork
11/17 Wed Nara Program (1) Student Sessions
11/18 Thu Tokyo Program Campus Tour / The University of Tokyo (2) Student Sessions (2)
11/19 Fri Tokyo Program Host Family Day
11/20 Sat Tokyo Program Host Family Day Closing Ceremony and Farewell Reception
11/21 Sun Return Home

(1) Nara Program Nara Program: In partnership with "Nara Women's University"
Main theme:"The new effort to revitalize the ancient capital of Nara"
(2) Offered in collaboration with "AIESEC in Japan TOLC"


"Brief overview of the ancient capital Nara" by Mr. Kazuyuki Nagasaka, Nara-narakan
"Ethnic culture and contemporary culture in Japan" by Professor Tadayoshi Uchida, Nara Women's University
At Nara-narakan, 13 Scholars and Japanese buddy students observed the Diorama of Nara Capital in the 8th century "Heijo-Kyo" after the lecture by Mr. Nagasaka.
They subsequently attend the lecture by Professor Tadayoshi Uchida at Nara Women’s University and learned about Japanese spiritual culture.


The Scholars experienced wearing Yukata, Japanese traditional garment, after visiting Todaiji Temole, Kofukuji Temple and Nara-Park.

Lecture ("Tourism and Economics" by Mr. Tadaaki Fujimaru)
Convivial Party with Nara citizens & Nara Women's University
Japanese Culture Experience (tea ceremony)

The Scholars and Japanese Buddy-Students conducted half-day fieldwork under the main theme of "The new effort to revitalize the ancient capital of Nara". The process of completing the Group-Reports was quite a hard work for both Scholars and for Japanese Buddy-Students.

Student Sessions

The Scholars presented the outcomes and suggestions obtained from their Group Work, using only Japanese, at Nara Women's University. Coordinator : Professor Masaya Masui, Nara Women's University

Campus Tour in The University of Tokyo and Student Sessions
(Offered in collaboration with "AIESEC in Japan TOLC")

The Scholars and Japanese Buddy-Students held the discussion about three themes "Education", "Environment", and "Social Welfare", mutually introducing the current situations in each country of their own, after the Campus Tour in The University of Tokyo.

Tokyo Region Homestay

Through the Tokyo homestay experiences with current and former JAL company employees, the scholars gained a deepened understanding of Japan.

Closing Ceremony and Farewell Reception
JAL Foundation
Japan Airlines
Joint Hosting
Nara Women's University
Special Cooperation
Naramachi Promotion Foundation
Naramachi citizens
Horyuji (Horyu Temple)
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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