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JAL Scholarship Messages from Host families

We visited places including the National Museum. The scholar also came with me to cheer at my children's basketball game. We had lunch at a rotating sushi store and had shabu-shabu and tako-yaki for dinner at home. We had some wonderful conversations whilst looking at photos using the computer. On the last day we visited a shopping center. The scholar was very cheerful and positive, and was very kind to the children. My children found it very difficult to part with her. She was very studious and actively tried to communicate with the children by writing and drawing. It was very inspirational for us to see the scholar learn Japanese words whilst with us. I was touched by the way in which she was always happy and amiable. (Tokyo)

This year was the first time we participated in the host family program. We spent our time by having a home party with other local host families, and visited the Kenroku-en garden in the heat of summer. And before we know it, the three days were over. We enjoyed the international exchange festival and were inspired by the smiling energetic faces of the students. (Ishikawa)