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Program Content

Currentry, the 5 main activities, “Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens”, “Student Sessions”, “Asia Forum”, “Field Trips” and “Home Stays” are combined to create the program.

1) Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens

The scholars will gain necessary knowledge (in areas including Japanese culture, the environment, social issues, etc)
in order to become "Globally Minded Citizens"(talented individuals who can think and act on a global scale).

2) The Student Sessions

The scholars will participate in group discussions based on the program's theme.

3) Asia Forum

The forum will be made up of lectures and a public symposium, as well as Japanese cultural experiences.

4) Field Trip

An excursion conducted in partnership with the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation. The scholars' understanding of
Japan will be deepened as a result of regional cultural experiences.

5) Homestay

With the cooperation of volunteer families, the students will deepen their knowledge of Japanese daily life and customs
through firsthand experience.

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