2. World Children's Haiku Contest

     ハイクコンテスト World Children's Haiku Contest     (Japanese 日本語版

JAL Foundation has been sponsoring the World Children's Haiku Contest every two years where we invite children in Japan and around the world aged 15 and under to send in their works composed of drawings and haiku. Since the first contest in 1990, more than 680,000 works have been submitted from around 52 countries and regions.

Haiku By World Children

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    World Children's Haiku Contest Q&A

  Where can I see the prize winning works of World Children's Haiku Contest?
  ① On JAL Foundation website http://www.jal-foundation.or.jp  
       12th Contest (2010-2011) under the theme   "Festivals"
       13th Contest (2012-2013) under the theme  "Dream"
       14th Contest (2015-2016) under the theme  "Morning"

     ② On JAL's electronic manga book 'SKY MANGA', the in-flight entertainment service available on
       JAL's Boeing 787s on the international routes
       (Posting of works from 14th Contest is in progress.)

     ③ At JAL Sakura Lounges at airports and at the ticket counter of JAL Plaza Yurakucho office
        Past issues of "Haiku by World Children" are available.

  Where are the picture postcards of the prize-winning works available?
  They are handed out at JAL Sakura Lounges and the ticket counter of JAL Plaza Yurakucho office.

  Where can I see a booklet "How to Make Haiku"?
  You can see it on JAL Foundation website. Please visit 'World Children's Haiku' section on the website
     and click  'How to Make HAIKU'  at the bottom.
     ※ The booklet is prepared in 13 languages; English, Korean, Chinese (traditional & simplified), French,
      German, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Turkish, Russian, Italian and Japanese.

   Where can I purchase the anthology book "Haiku by World Children"?
  ① Jt JAL Plaza Yurakucho office. It is also available at general book stores.

 ② For shipment to overseas, please e-mail your order to:

  What are the theme, submission period and submission rules of the next
    15th World Children's Haiku Contest for 2017-2018?

  ① Theme: It will be announced on JAL Foundation website by March 2017.

 ② Submission period: (tentative)
    Japan Division: Spring 2017 – Autumn 2017
    World Division: Autumn 2017 – February 2018

 ③ Submission rules:  
    One work per applicant (unpublished work composed by applicant himself/herself)
    Three-line poem in local language
    Haiku with hand-drawn picture on one sheet of A4 size paper
    (Block print and 'pasted picture' are acceptable. Photographs and digital images are not acceptable.)

For inquiries, please contact: JAL Foundation   E-mail: