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2009 JAL Scholarship Program
Main Theme
“International Cooperation
- its achievements and drawbacks”

June 29 - July 15, 2009 (17days)

Participants of the Scholarship Program
A total of 25 university students from the countries of Australia (2), China (3), Indonesia (2), Korea (3), Malaysia (2), New Zealand (2), The Philippines (2), Singapore (2), Taiwan (2), Thailand (2), Vietnam (2) and including a guest scholar from the United States of America, participated in the 36th JAL Scholarship Program in 2009.

June 29 Arrival
Jun 30 - € July 2 Orientation, Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens
July 3 Student Sessions in Tokyo
July 4 - 5 Tokyo Region Homestay
July 6 Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens
July 7 - 8 Field Trip (Sawara, Choshi) (1)
July 9 -€ 10 Japanese Cultural Activities
Student Sessions in Ishikawa (2)
July 11 Asia Forum in Ishikawa (2)
July 12 Kanazawa Region Homestay
July 13 Reception and Cultural Exchanges in Hakusan City
July 14 Farewell Reception (JAL Building, Tokyo)
July 15 Departure

(1) Organised in cooperation with East Japan Railway Culture Foundation
(2) Cosponsored by the Asia Forum in Ishikawa Executive Committee

Program Contents
★Lectures for Globally Minded Citizens
Leading figures provided the program’s scholars with a comprehensive introduction to Japan’s culture, environmental issues and society through a series of stimulating lectures.

July 30 Ms. Diane Orrett (Diane Kichijitsu),  Rakugo Performer
  Professor Dennis S. Tachiki, Professor, Tamagawa University
July 1 Mr. Yoshikazu Nakajima
 Deputy Director National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Group Work (The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Odaiba)
July 2 Mr. Hiroshi Nonomiya
 Representative Director, Managing Director, RHJ International Japan, Inc.
  Ms. Rieko Suzuki
 Chair, Millennium Promise Japan (NPO) Commentator and Author
  Dr. Toshinobu Machida
 Chief, Office for Atmospheric and Oceanic Monitoring, Center for Global Environmental Research,
 National Institute for Environmental Studies
  Mr. Kenichi Tanaka
 Senior Advisor (Environmental Impact Assessment / EIA), Japan International Cooperation Agency
July 6 Mr. Yasushi Akashi
 Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

★Student Sessions in Tokyo
Together with Japanese university students, the scholars participated in group discussions under this year’s theme of ‘International Cooperation’.
Coordinator: Professor Dennis S. Tachiki, Professor, Tamagawa University


★Tokyo Region Homestay
Through the Tokyo homestay experiences with current and former JAL company employees, the scholars gained a deepened understanding of Japan.


★Field Trips
Field trips to experience Japan’s regional culture was organized in cooperation with East Japan Railway Culture Foundation to the towns of Sawara and Choshi, located in Chiba Prefecture.


★Japanese Culture Experience
Japanese cultural activities such as a traditional tea ceremony and so forth, was experienced at the Ishikawa International Exchange Lounge (Kanazawa City of Ishikawa Prefecture). The scholars even attempted the Yosakoi Soran dance.


★Student Session in Ishikawa
At the Asia Forum in Ishikawa, cosponsored by the Ishikawa Executive Committee, the scholars from the Asia and Oceania regions, together with Japanese students, completed a Kanazawa Tourism outline and participated in fieldwork and discussions under the theme of ‘The Attractions and Issues of Kanazawa City’.


★Asia Forum in Ishikawa
The scholars presented the results of their investigations into the ‘The Attractions and Issues of Kanazawa’ during the Asia Forum’s student sessions.
Coordinator: Mr. Matsuharu Kawabata, Lecturer, Kanazawa University
Commentator: Professor Takashi Hiraki, Professor, Kanzawa Gakuin College
         Mr. Kenichi Mizuyoshi, Chief Investigator, Planning and Coordination Division, Urban Policy Bureau,
         Kanazawa City


★Kanazawa Region Homestay
A homestay experience for the period of 2 nights and 3 days was provided for the scholars by the volunteer families from Kanazawa City.


★Program in Hakusan City
During the jointly organized program sponsored by Hakusan City, the scholars visited Kirin Beer Park, Shirayama-Hime Shrine etc. The scholars also participated in a Wadaiko workshop and attended the Lord Mayor’s Hakusan City Welcome Reception.


★Closing Ceremony, Farewell Party
(JALBuilding, Tokyo)