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Asia Forum
As a place in society to propose ideas

While adapting to the changing environment it is essential to remain aware of our solidarity as a member of the Asian community, and it was with consideration of ' Japan within Asia, Asia within the World' and 'Solidarity in the 21st Century' that the program was established in 1993.
The Asia Forum allows the scholars to present their observations, various fieldwork, results of exchange and develop their respective arguments.
We hope that this Program will promote strong bonds of solidarity and friendship, as well as develop mutual understanding and interpersonal identification.

Towards the possibility of creating a Global Community

The Asia Forum was inaugurated in 1993 amongst the diversity of Asia that differs in culture, history, race and language. Its purpose was the research of and proposal of 'the possibility of creating a trans-national community'.
It was first held in Kanazawa City , Ishikawa Prefecture . Under the theme of 'Environment and Development', the panel discussion between the Japanese students and scholars that continued on from the keynote speech of Mr. Akito Arima was opened.
This forum carries out an important role in the formation of the future community, expansion of exchange networks and promoting international understanding

Venues and Themes

1993 ISHIKAWA Environment and Development
1994 ISHIKAWA Tourism and Cultural Development in Asia and Oceania
1995 KUMAMOTO Emerging Pluralism in Asia and Oceania : Within and Between Nations
1996 ISHIKAWA TRANSNATIONAL POPULAR CULTURE Focusing on the culturalisation of Music Between Nations
1997 SENDAI A New Asian Paradigm for Successful Global Coexistence
1998 ISHIKAWA COEXISTENCE AND DIVERSITY : TWO FACESOF 21st CENTURY ASIA What do I think of Asia? What do you think of Asia?
1999 KYOTO Toward Asian Coexistence - Asia within the world, Japan within Asia
2000 TOKYO Becoming a Global Citizen in the 21st Century - Experience, Learning and Dialogue -
2002 KYOTO Seek the Origin of the Attractiveness of JAPAN
2003 KYOTO Make sure of the Attractiveness of JAPAN
2004 ISHIKAWA What does it mean to be a Global Citizen in the 21st century?
2005 ISHIKAWA Globalization -21st century Asia ,What can WE do?-
2006 ISHIKAWA What makes a truly prosperous society?
-Co-existance & cooperation for the future of Asia and Oceania
2007 ISHIKAWA Challenges for the Future
2008 ISHIKAWA Kanazawa in 20years
2009 ISHIKAWA The Attractions and Issues of Kanazawa
2010 ISHIKAWA Tourism and Cross-cultural Understanding: Best one spot for Present Status and
Best one spot for Future Potentiality in terms of Cross-cultural Understanding in Kanazawa
2011 ISHIKAWA Overcoming the Disaster – What the young can do; our ideas from Ishikawa
2012 ISHIKAWA Bringing Back a Vibrant Japan -Our proposals from Ishikawa
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